Pro Se Legal Advocacy Program Application

Court appointed legal guardians make decisions for incapacitated people about personal and medical care, meals, transportation, and even where a person lives. Guardians control assets, manage budgets, pay debts, and make all financial and investment decisions for the people they assist.

“Census data and health care experts tell us that the population of elderly and disabled Americans will grow dramatically in the coming years. We must take steps now to meet the increased need for protection with an enhanced level of oversight of legal guardians.” – Chief Justice Stuart Rabner

Government is responsible for ensuring that guardians understand the significant authority and responsibility of guardianship, and for monitoring the health and well-being along with the finances of every incapacitated person under the care of a legal guardian. It is the only way to eliminate opportunities for abuse. The New Jersey Judiciary provides guardianship support through its Guardian Essentials and the Guardianship Monitoring Program.

SCARC Guardianship Services assists families in Sussex, Hudson, Morris, Passaic, and Warren counties. We work with you to make an overwhelming and confusing process more manageable. Families working with our Pro Se Legal Advocacy Program are able to obtain guardianship of their family member at a greatly reduced rate. Additionally, SCARC Guardianship Services, Inc. can assist income-eligible families with all or some of the fees.  Click the link below to see if you are eligible to apply for our Pro Se services.

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Guardianship Monitoring Program Training Video

The State of New Jersey expects all Guardians to be aware and educated on how to serve in this very important capacity.  New Jersey has a Guardianship Monitoring Program which set as its goal to safeguard and reduce the potential for abuse and exploitation of incapacitated individuals by their guardians. The program is committed to helping ensure that these vulnerable members of society are treated with dignity and respect, while also assisting guardians in their sometimes difficult role.  Below is a video which each Guardian is required to watch.  It provides an introduction to the responsibilities of the Guardian.  Click on the link below to fulfill your obligation of watching the Guardianship Monitoring “Court Appointed Guardian Tutorial” video.